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IX Gallery is delighted to present a large, wide-ranging selection of the work of renowned artist Thomas Haller Buchanan!

"Ninety percent of what I create these days are drawings. I love drawing as a medium for its lively and spontaneous qualities and I enjoy the texture that results. It’s fast and furious and deadline effective. Being such, and usually small scale on paper, makes it less expensive when selling the original art.

The illustrations in this show have been created for use in my art books — two previous (Faces.Figures.Fantasies. and The Magic Rite of Drawing) and one in progress entitled Mystique – an Artist’s Search for Beauty and Character. The word ‘mystique’ implies an essence of mystery and reverence, seemingly an utterly appropriate description of most women.

As an illustrator, I primarily create my art for reproduction — in books, magazines, interpretive panels, prints, posters and other ephemera. As such, the original hand-made art may end up being digitally ‘improved’ for reproduction — by resizing, cropping, or enhancing with contrast and color options.

If I had to say something critical of my artwork I would say it’s overly dense and female-centric. If I had to say something positive regarding my artwork, I would say it’s overly dense and female-centric.

Regarding ‘fantasy’, I mostly eschew general standards of what fantasy entails, such as dragons and monsters, vampires and werewolves (though I do have a fondness for Faerie Folk and magic). My notion of fantasy embraces the portrayal of ideals and allegories, events from the past, present and future that are not likely to have happened, and declarations of beauty in ornamental settings (ala Art Nouveau) designed to enhance the pages of a book or magazine. If they look good framed on a wall, so much the better."


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