IX Gallery Opens Its Virtual Doors

June 7, 2017

IX Arts, the organization behind the annual IX celebration of imaginative realism, is delighted to announce the launch of IX Gallery, the first online-only gallery dedicated exclusively to contemporary imaginative realism. IX Gallery’s Inaugural Show, featuring more than 50 artists and over 100 works, will go live on June 15th on the gallery’s website – www.ixgallery.com - and will run through August 14th.

As a natural extension of IX Arts’ reach and solidly established inspiration value, this year-round effort is designed to provide gallery curation and structure in an online-only environment that allows for the widest possible access while reducing the burden on artists for participating.

IX Gallery is structured like a normal gallery – rotating shows that are a combination of group and solo efforts, rather than a constant online inventory or catalog, and the gallery does not “represent” any of the artists in the show. Everything is handled on a show-by-show basis to allow the artists maximum flexibility in their participation and to allow IX Gallery to show the widest possible range of work and artists in the imaginative field.

“With IX Gallery, we are aiming to help artists and collectors bridge the gap between individual artists’ direct sales and traditional, brick-and-mortar gallery shows,” says Jeannie Wilshire, Director of IX Arts. “We hope to provide artists with an opportunity to enhance their outreach and sales abilities while, at the same time, providing collectors with an easily accessible venue that maintains the careful curation that marks the top tier physical galleries.”

Just as the IX show brought the best of contemporary imaginative realism to the live exhibition space, IX Gallery will now bring that same quality, breadth and imaginative scope to a permanent home on the internet, opening up the artists and their works to a much larger audience.

The artists featured in the IX Gallery Inaugural Show are:

Linda Adair • Samuel Araya • Julie Bell • Shaun Berke • Brom • Armand Cabrera • Jeremy Caniglia • Dan Chudzinski • Kinuko Y. Craft • Felipe Echevarria • Bob Eggleton • Craig Elliott • Jody Fallon • Scott Fischer • Teresa N. Fischer • Marc Fishman • Annie Stegg Gerard • Justin Gerard • Donato Giancola • Lars Grant-West • Rebecca Guay • John Harris • Michael C. Hayes • James Herrmann • Richard Hescox • Stephen Hickman • Greg & Tim Hildebrandt • Greg Hildebrandt • Luke Hillestad • Patrick Jones • Rich Klink • J. Anthony Kosar • Jota Leal • Vanessa Lemen • Don Maitz • Gina Matarazzo • Matt Mrowka • Aaron Nagel • Tran Nguyen • Ryan Pancoast • Lucio Parrillo • Colin & Kristine Poole • Colin Poole • Mark Poole • Rob Rey • Forest Rogers • Laurence Schwinger • Dave Seeley • Hajime Sorayama • Matthew Stewart • Bryan Mark Taylor • Vince Villafranca • Chet Zar • Dariusz Zawadzki

The Inaugural Show will be followed by solo shows featuring the work of David Palumbo and Richard Bober.

IX Arts was founded in 2008 with the launch of the first IX show, a five-day celebration of the best of imaginative realism. Since then, IX has grown into the largest exhibition of imaginative realist work in the world, featuring over 200 artists and thousands of pieces of artwork each year. Details on IX Arts and the IX show can be found on the IX Arts website, www.imaginativerealism.com.


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