Billy Norrby

Billy Norrby is a New York based artist. After spending several years working for the video game industry, he moved to New York to pursue a painting career. He graduated from SVA in 2010. Billy Norrby’s artwork has been featured in a multitude of galleries and several annuals such as Spectrum, 3×3 and the Society of Illustrators. His first solo exhibit was at the Copro Gallery in 2011. His paintings juxtapose classical aesthetic with themes of contemporary turmoil, as masterful brushwork tells the tale of 20th century revolution. In his art he illustrates the defiant nature of humanity, and it is the average person who is the protagonist. With their impassioned expressions and commanding air, these modern radicals are canonized, idealized, and painted with an almost saintly reverence, harkening back to religious iconography. It is with homage to the old world that Norrby tells the story of the dawning of a new era.

Selected Work:

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