David Gluck

Born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, David Gluck currently resides in Duncan, BC, Canada, with his wife Katherine Stone where he works as a full time Painter and Tattoo artist. He received his Bachelors of Science degree in Art Education from Penn State University in 2006, following which he immigrated to Canada to continue his career as an artist. David currently divides him time between fine art oil painting and tattooing at Black Label Tattoos in Duncan. Vancouver Island Vanisle Tattoo Artist Duncan Due to the large number of requests he receives he can not take on all tattoo requests. In addition, due to his commitment of creating original and unique work, he may not take on projects that are far too similar to other projects he has already completed. Current wait time is approximately 6-8 months for new tattoo clients. Hourly rate is 175 hr (including tax). Vancouver Island Tattoos Tattoo Duncan British Columbia David is the recipient of the esteemed Bouguereau Award from the ARC, a member of ACOPAL, and a multi-award winning artist in the Portrait Society of America.

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