David Thierree

David Thiérrée is a French artist born in 1970. Self-taught, he works since 1989 for Metal bands worldwide and in the Fantasy illustration field. He worked for logos, layouts, T-shirts, flyers and covers for bands, labels and fanzines worldwide, and have left his mark on the extreme Metal underground since more than 25 years. He worked for BEHEMOTH, SATANIC WARMASTER, NOCTURNO CULTO'S GIFT OF GODS, MORTIIS, PRIMORDIAL, MANES, GRAVELAND, LORD WIND, THE ANCIENTS REBIRTH, WARLOGHE, MUTIILATION, CELESTIA, MALLEUS MALEFICARUM, OSCULUM INFAME, CELESTIA, etc... He also worked as designer for layouts on flyers and albums from GORGOROTH, MACTATUS, VLAD TEPES, BELKETRE, STRID, SLAYER MAGAZINE ... At the beginning of the new century, he began to work on Fantasy illustration. His works have been featured in numerous exhibitions (France, Belgium, Norway, England, Germany, Australia, but mostly United States…), and in books, magazines, a Fantasy miniatures game, and had his first art book out in 2011. He was honored with a Froud award in 2008, and have been featured in the American Spectrum Fantasy art compendium. He manages to work for both Metal and Fantasy fields, following as an humble disciple the path led by artists from The Golden Age of Illustration (extended from 1850 to 1950). He works with pencils, acrylics, ink, oil, watercolour, computers and sometimes even does some sculpture. He works and lives in Brittany.

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