Elliot Lang

My name is Elliot Lang, and I have been working professionally as an illustrator since 2005. I am fortunate that the spark I had as a child in making art stayed with me for these many years. I have worn many hats in this illustration career, as an Art Director, Advertising Agency Senior Designer, Gallery Painter, Editorial Illustrator, and Chief Creative Officer of a startup with partners. I have always pursued this passion of narrative art-making, and it has taken me to some amazing places, where I meet incredible people. My illustrations have been accepted into SI West, Infected By Art, and many of The Art Order's challenges and books. I am fortunate to count myself as one of Every Day Original's first artists. My advertising and packaging work can be found in supermarkets across the country, in hiker's backpacks, and some very large murals can be seen on the interiors of MSC's Cruise Ships.

Exhibiting at the IX Art Show this year

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