Felipe Echevarria

FELIPE ECHEVARRIA is an American artist working in triple arenas of fine art, illustration, and comics and graphic novels. He currently lives and works in Loveland, Colorado. Felipe's best known works so far are the watercolor comics adaptation of the Hitchcock film PSYCHO, the underground Sandman Death paintings collection entitled ANKH, and his incorporation of spirituality and metaphysics in both his fine art and upcoming comic art works. Currently Felipe is working on DEATH FROM ABOVE, a hand-painted graphic novel designed to enlighten and empower readers on the true spiritual nature of death. Also in the works is the illustrated book KLOON, a coming of age drama centering around the Turn-of-the-Century Paris circus scene. Both are due out in 2018. Visit www.FelipeEchevarria.com to see more of Felipe's work.

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