Jon Sideriadis

Jon is an award-winning illustrator, author, and professor. He has worked on feature films, video games, novels, comics, board games, trading cards, and album covers. He also currently works for Hasbro, Hit Point Press, and other tabletop game publishers. During his time as a creature effects and make-up artist in Los Angeles, Jon worked on latex monster make-up, body suits, and promotional material for feature length films including Godzilla, Silent Hill, and Underworld 2. Jon has been a guest of honor at FaerieCon and ArtistaCon. He has participated in several IX Arts panels and lectures. He won Best in Show at GenCon in 2019, served as an Art Show juror there in 2022, and was one of the three featured artists in 2023. His work has been displayed in galleries all over the country. He has written, illustrated, and published three books. His first two books are part of his fantasy fiction series called Astromythos. It is an extensive series of books with original myths from his invented universe. The foreward in Book One was written by Brian and Wendy Froud. His third book is a five-part adventure compatible with D&D fifth edition, and is based on his Astromythos world. He is currently finishing Book Two of the Astromythos series.

Exhibiting at the IX Art Show this year

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