Manuel Sanjulian

Born in Barcelona, Manuel Pérez Clemente (Sanjulián) studied at the Sant Jordi Academy of Fine Arts. At the age of 20, Sanjulián joined the Josep Toutain's art agency Selecciones Ilustrades. Initially working for the comic section, his full colour works were now being seen outside of Spain, in Germany, in the many Scandinavian countries, and finally in England. His comics output in the 1970s include a couple of adaptations of movies and a comic serial in Cimoc magazine. Sanjulián flourished in the British market, where he worked for such outstanding publishing houses as Futura, Fontana, Harrow, and the like. Nine years later he started being commissioned by clients in the USA, notably Warren Publishing. He worked for Warren titles like Creepy, Eerie, and Famous Monsters, but he is mainly associated with the Vampirella title, for which he illustrated many classic covers. Since then Sanjulián has worked for various US publishers, including Dell, Ace, DAW, Bantam, Fawcett and Berkeley. Sanjulián has also worked for Reader's Digest and horror maestro Clive Barker. His work has appeared in many fine art galleries in Europe, and he's collaborated on ad campaigns for a Spanish theme park, in Port Aventura.

Selected Work:

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