Matt Mrowka

Matt Mrowka is a tattoo artist and a dark fantasy landscape painter currently working in upstate NY. His work derives exclusively from imagination. He uses intense light sources, and a very selective color palette of mostly warm tones in his paintings to help portray heavy narrations. While focusing on structures and landscapes as main subjects, Matt's creatures and characters are often abandoned inhabitants. He keeps the 'meanings' of his illustrations mostly a mystery for others to speculate and create. Inspired by Beksinski, Stephen Gammell, and Lou Marchetti, Matt finds his own environments and brings them to life. Beksinski inspired him to create massive structures that he was comfortable living within. Stephen Gammell taught him that fear itself could be illustrated as a subject. That inspired him to experiment with different and darker moods within a painting. It was Lou Marchetti that inspired him to illustrate the lives of the inhabitants in his dark landscapes, giving the characters a story to tell. Matt is working in Needlewurks Tattoo Studio in Saratoga Springs NY where many of his paintings are on display.

Exhibiting at the IX Art Show this year

Selected Work:

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