M'fanwy Dean

I use miniature chisels (really, they’re tiny!) to carve intricate designs into painted wood panels by hand. (Following a nerve injury in 2018) I now work almost exclusively ambidextrously, often with my right hand wielding the v-tool, and my left the u-gouge. For me, creating isn’t always about the subject matter so much as the process. I strive to push the boundaries of my medium, using negative space, and each permanent cut of the chisel to bring life and movement to my work. Each panel has its own unique character that gives depth and meaning to a piece that might otherwise feel static with such a limited palette, the grain and texture of the wood adding to the narrative and shaping each irreversible mark. My appreciation of old leather-bound books, my background in graphic design, and my experience as a fine artist, all combine to create pieces that, I hope, invoke a sense of narrative: that somewhat elusive sense that each piece has a story, each landscape a past, and each character a future.

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