Rainer Kalwitz

Rainer Kalwitz is one of the most prolific album cover artists in the world, particularly noted for his work with rock and heavy metal bands. He studied graphic arts at the university of applied sciences in Düsseldorf/Germany and also worked for 3 years as a technical illustrator for the Ford car company in Cologne. He also teaches illustration and drawing at several art schools and academies in Germany. Rainer's start was actually not for a heavy metal band but for a melodic progressive rock band from Germany called Lorian. They were/are friends of the artist and asked if he could do the artwork for their debut album ‘Virginal Mind’ in 1995 when he was still a student. When the album was released it aroused interest at several other brands and new labels. After sending portfolios and samples to record labels, he soon had a bunch of commissions for album cover artwork from bands and record labels from all over the world. Rainer is a classic traditional illustrator which means that he produces handmade artwork and works in a mixed-media style using acrylic colors, pencils, inks and the airbrush technique (acrylic inks).

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