Rob Rey

Art of Science and the Cosmic Perspective.

Cosmic Perspective is using the insights of modern science to see the big picture of the world and our place in it with a sense of belonging and connection. It’s understanding our scale within the universe - being humbled by a grand and awe-inspiring expanse of space and deep time. But it’s also seeing the very small with a sense of wonder for the staggering complexity of biology, chemistry, and quantum mechanics. In the light of scientific understanding, a little curiosity is quickly rewarded with an enchanting, even spiritual feeling of wonder at the natural world. Making an effort to comprehend the cosmos has a way of putting our lives, troubles, and pride in a helpful frame of reference, allowing us to refocus on what matters most. When we see the Earth as a lonely blue speck of oasis, it naturally sparks feelings of fellowship with all other earthlings. Through this panoramic lens, our terrestrial disputes and nationalist contentions are reduced to insignificance. Empathy and compassion become obvious ways to relate to one another.

In a time when our traditional sources of meaning are growing less resonant, Cosmic Perspective provides a new and inspiring scientific origin story of humanity, united by our shared atomic history as stardust. It provides a sense of kinship with all life on earth in our shared genetic evolution over four billion years of development. It provides a sense of belonging and responsibility as a crew member on this spaceship Earth, of which humanity now sits at the helm. It provides hope in our capacity to reason and understand the cosmos of which we are part, giving us new powers to cure disease and improve our lives. It provides us with purpose and necessitates cooperation to preserve and cherish our tiny planet, the only habitable place we know to exist.

We are stardust evolved to understand the stars; a tiny part of the universe, become conscious.

Humans are a storytelling species. We live our lives by stories in one form or another. To have lasting impact, a meaningful story needs to be interacted with on a regular basis, so that we don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. Rob creates his art to be a visual reminder of this grand perspective, that we might all live more inspired, empathic lives, while innovating a more sustainable way of living.

Exhibiting at the IX Art Show this year

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