Artist: Jeff Echevarria
Size: 16x16
Medium: Powdered Graphite and Pastels on paper. (framed)
Price: $2,300 Sold


Bylur was named after his great-great-grandfather, a fierce chieftain of the Nunavut that brought about peace in the savage wilderness of the north. The Chieftain Bylur was like his name's meaning, an unrelenting snowstorm.

The Nunavut are a dying people. They were once a proud race of Giant kind, numbered in the tens of thousands, and walked in peace and harmony, for what some historians and sages write for two millennia throughout most of the frozen lands of the Great White North; before the fall of man and the days of The Silver Clouds, this land was called Canada.

However, there was a Prophecy called The White Shroud passed down from generation to generation; some believed it, but most claimed it to be false words with no weight, fairy tales to scare children and older people.
As the day of this fairy tale drew near as foretold, darkness crept into Great White North, seemingly overnight.
The Nunavut tried to resist, tried to fight but to no avail. The foul, dark, and decaying presence consumed all it touched, twisting and corrupting their very nature and existence.

Their numbers dwindled by the thousands in the first few weeks of the conflict. Slowly they retreated as far north as possible, taking as their race declined into as few as a hundred. The Nunavut would eventually be forced into hiding in the small islands at the end of The Great White North, once known as Ellesmere Island.
~ The Chronicles of Rion©

©2023 † Jeff Echevarria

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