Krull – Black Fortress #2 – Greg Hildebrandt

Artist: Greg Hildebrandt
Size: 29 x 21 inches
Medium: Watercolor on paper
Price: $2,250


At the end of 1981 Greg Hildebrandt began to work with Peter Yates on the pre-production art for the movie, KRULL.

"From the sky will come the Black Fortress. From the Fortress will come the Slayers to devour the planet of Krull. Then shall a girl of ancient name become queen...she shall choose a king...and together they shall rule the planet. And their son shall rule the galaxy."

After working for 4 months on this project Peter Yates went in a different direction for the final film. This art has been in Greg Hildebrandt's Storage since 1982. The film was released in 1983.
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