Artist: Christopher Remmers
Size: 24x16
Medium: Oil on panel
Price: $2,625


The guiding spirit of law,
Dictating human behavior's draw.
Lain bare, exposed in vulnerability's embrace,
Tattered, weathered, stripped of graces' trace.
Unrecognized, yet labeled and confined,
I reject my reflection, lost in the mind.
Perfectly composed, untouched by strife,
The world exists in elements of life.
Within its expanse, I seek my place,
Yearning to embody rootedness with grace.
Like the steadfast root, firmly grounded,
Or the tree, its essence profound and unbounded,
The light holds answers, waiting to be found,
Guiding me to truths yet to be unbound.
To face my truth is to face the fear,
Sharing it feels like the end is near.
I am more than what meets the eye,
Yet holding on, I can't deny.
In this journey of self-discovery,
I navigate the depths of my reality.
Seeking liberation, I yearn to grow,
Embracing the unknown, letting my essence flow.

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