Sarah #2 Hear Me Roar Study

Artist: Dave Seeley
Size: 24 x 36
Medium: Oil on Canvas on Panel
Price: $5,500


Recently I've launched in to a personal series of nudes aimed at galleries. I've loved painting the figure since high school, and at this point in my career it is scratching that ART itch in a satisfying way. It has also circled back around and informed my genre work as well.

I call this a study because.... I began it at 24 x 36, and was half way through the painting, when I received a commission at IX 2021 to paint this model. That seated pose is also in this gallery. The collectors and I decided on a pose and a size, and I launched in. The scale of that one doubled the physical dimensions of her tattoos, and at that scale, they were a joy to paint with the marks that I wanted to make, When I finished that seated commission, I started a second painting of this reclining pose, at double the scale from this one. That piece, Sarah #2 Hear Me Roar, became the centerpiece of my Solo Show with the Abend Gallery. If you like this one, and can afford it, I encourage you to see the big one in the Abend Show, Meanwhile, I recently went back to this one, and completed the tiny tattoos paint.... and it has the same level of finish as all my other recent works, but it remains "the study." It did indeed do what studies do, in that it told me what the final painting should be.... and in this case, the answer was "twice as big." But hey, if this one fits your wall and your budget, it'll make a lovely addition to your collection.

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