Artist: Jeff Echevarria
Size: 24"x24"
Medium: Charcoal and Graphite Powder and Panpastels on paper. (framed)
Price: $3,000


Meet Quilrahne Tuhl, a Master of Arcane Magic and a recent student of Theology and the art of Divine Magic; he is known to many far and wide as Quilrahne the Seeker. And Osferth, his cohort, his confidant, his brother, if you will. And yes, he is a Capuchin monkey. The two have formed such a bond they can communicate in a telepathic-like state. The two are never seen apart, together on every misadventure.
The two also belong to the Brotherhood of Three, established and hand-picked by King Rion. With one goal, one objective, to seek out and find holy relics throughout the lands, which were outlawed and destroyed at the time of the Silver Clouds to become known as Ash Wednesday, some say a thousand years ago.
We find our two companions searching for holy relics taking refuge from the oppressive and deadly southern midday heat in the ruins of an old village in what was once called Death Valley in the time before Ash Wednesday, known now as the Valley of the Shadow. Where, much to both of their delight, Osterth finds a diamond in the rubble.
~ Chronicles of Rion ©
© 2022 † Jeff Echevarria
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