The Weight of Light

Artist: Christopher Remmers
Size: 30x24
Medium: Oil on panel
Price: $3,150


Like many of the paintings I create, particularly still life compositions, my intention is to initiate a self-inquiry experience. When constructing this arrangement prior to painting, I carefully selected objects that possess archetypal qualities. Bones, light, feather, flower, and bell are all elements that can contribute to an associative narrative for the viewer through metaphorical representations.

All these elements exist in a delicate equilibrium, suspended in time and gracefully moving within the realm of light.

The painting's elements are meticulously arranged to evoke a broad spectrum of emotions and thoughts, compelling viewers to embark on their own unique journey of interpretation. It beckons one to contemplate the intricate interplay between light and its weight, surpassing the confines of physicality and delving into the metaphysical domain. As you discover the ideal location to display this artwork, it promises to provide a serene sanctuary—a visual mythology conducive to simple meditation—inviting you to embark on a personal odyssey guided by its enigmatic allure.

This piece is being offered at a special holiday discount - regular price $4200, now $3150 until January 1st, 2024.
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