Artist: Jeff Echevarria
Size: 18x24
Medium: Charcoal and Graphite Powder and Panpastels on paper, (framed)
Price: $2,750 Sold


Is the next addition in the “Raised by Wolves” series.

This illustration finds Sebastian St. Cloud fifteen years after the ship True North was lost at sea. And this would be his first human contact. Sebastian and Coal, the alpha wolf, find his sister wolf slain. Coal growls deep within himself, and Sebastian answers him with his own guttural growl as they both turn slowly to see who hides in the shadows behind them.

The story I had in my head was about Dr. Zachariah St. Cloud, an archeologist who set sail on a ship called True North, seeking the legendary Lost City of Shadows. With his family, Lily, Sebastian, and his wife Maria, and a crew of fifty in tow, headed into uncharted waters unknown. However, on one dreadful dark stormy night True North would be swallowed by a White Squall and never heard from again, all souls aboard assumed dead. Or were they…

Now the story splits with Lily being found by the gorillas (Beauty Among The Beasts)
and her brother Sebastian being found by wolves (Raised by Wolves series).

© 2022 † Jeff Echevarria

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