Whatever Tomorrow Brings, Paolo and Francesca Canto 5

Artist: Nanci France-Vaz
Size: 30 x 40 inches
Medium: Oil on panel
Price: $12,000


The lovers Paolo and Francesca were in the 2nd Circle of Hell for adultery. Dante writes a compelling story of how Francesca was in an arranged marriage during the 15th century and falls in love with her brother in law. There is always light at the end of tomorrow. In modern society, would they not be in hell and forgiven. After all, the husband about 20 years older than she and partially crippled. She was in her 20's. Things were very black and white, so the symbol of a simple cave like background as Paolo holds her and tells her, "don't worry, I got you". It will be alright" The light at the end of the tunnel has a dreamlike waterfall suggestion. Wash away the sins and you are forgiven in our society.
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