Annie Stegg Gerard

Annie Stegg Gerard has a special love for the 18th century Rococo painters who have had a large influence on her own method. She finds inspiration in their imagination, and the dreamlike palette and lively brushwork that combine to create a wonderful atmosphere of enchantment.  She believes that they sought to transport us to different worlds and fantastic places though their works.  In her own work, known for it's beautiful, enigmatic figures and lively creatures, Annie strives to depict this same transportive effect to the viewer. Her work is an exploration of the small hidden worlds that exist in our own backyards and the drama that unfolds with their unseen inhabitants.  The secrets that are waiting to be discovered, and the mystery in a hidden moment of time. Annie exhibits her work in galleries and has done notable publishing work for clients such as Disney, Hasbro, Wizards of the Coast, Easton press, Netflix, Harper Collins and more. Her work is found in private collections all over the world.

Exhibiting at the IX Art Show this year

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