Brian Haberlin

Brian Haberlin: From Comics to Fine Art
Brian Haberlin's artistic journey is a testament to the boundless horizons of creative expression. Revered for his pivotal contributions to the comic book world, Haberlin's unparalleled artistic flair and narrative mastery made him a cornerstone in graphic storytelling. His intricate illustrations and captivating tales inspired a multitude of comic aficionados.
Yet, every artist possesses an innate drive to explore, to push their own boundaries. Leaving the well-defined panels of comic books behind, Brian ventured into the expansive realm of fine art. With the same fervor and precision that characterized his comic creations, he began producing works that delicately balance between the tangible and the abstract, echoing elements of his graphic novel lineage.
In his current incarnation as a fine artist, Brian Haberlin continues to challenge artistic paradigms, enthralling audiences with pieces that both intrigue and inspire. His transition from comics to fine art serves as a powerful narrative of artistic metamorphosis and the endless potential it embodies.

Selected Work:

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