Jack Faragasso

Jack Faragasso has been active in the world of art as an instructor, artist and illustrator for over 50 years! Today he is Instructor Emeritus at The Art Student's League of New York. Mr. Faragasso is the author of the well sought after "The Student's Guide To Painting" as well as Mastering Drawing The Human Figure From Life, Memory, Imagination, which is said to be a book for anyone who is interested in learning to paint, draw or even sculpture. It is natural that over this long still going on period his work should include many subject m atters. Everything he does or has done is well composed, well drawn and painted with tasteful color. His subjects include portraits, figures, still life, landscape and meaningful paintings. He has painted paperback book covers for over 30 years mainly in the science-fiction and gothic romance genre. The landscapes shown here are mostly scenes from Woodstock, New York and Central Park in New York City. Jack Faragasso studied with Mr. Frank Reilly in Woodstock in the early fifties and until today, he is known for his continued the teachings of the Reilly Method.

Selected Work:

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