Jason Hite

Jason Hite grew up in Akron Ohio. His focus in schooling was to create as much art as possible. Steady sketching, painting, and sculpture earned him a full-tuition scholarship to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1995. After graduating from the Art Institute in 1997 with a degree in Industrial Design, Jason moved to California. There, he became a product designer and sculptor creating for companies like Disney, Marvel, Fox, and Hasbro. After honing his skills, Jason began doing fine art and assemblage sculptures in 2010. His work has been displayed and sold in galleries and museums across the United States. Jason on his assemblage work: “I start with pencil sketches, serving as a loose roadmap. Other inspiration comes from listening to music while I work. Figures are created in Sculpey. I then add more detail/clothing with harder clays like Castaline or epoxy. Once finished, I can’t help but want to give my creation a home. Found objects, model parts, and all sorts of tubing are the building blocks of my structures. Lighting is also an essential part. Weaving lights into the sculpture as it is created gives it an illuminated life. I love working with only those lights on.”

Selected Work:

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