Kaysha Siemens

Kaysha Siemens was born and raised in Canada, and now makes her home in the beautiful and inspiring mountains near Asheville, NC. She shows in various galleries and conventions, and has been exhibiting at IX since 2016. Her work is found in private collections all over the world. Since childhood, she has held a special love for folklore and mythology, and is fascinated with the way ancient tales resonate over and over, the visual depictions of them forming an unending thread of story from artist to artist and century to century, no matter how literal or oblique the interpretation. Adding the strand of her own voice, her current main focus is 'Mnemosyne,' an ongoing personal project exploring Greek myth. She also regularly ventures outside this ongoing project, as her fancy (or a commission) takes her. No matter the subject, she seeks to stir with beauty, to arrest with quietude, and ultimately to leave the viewer with a lingering sense that they have had a brush with the sublime.

Exhibiting at the IX Art Show this year

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