Vague Recollections

Artist: Linda Adair
Size: 40 x 60 cm
Medium: oil on linen
Price: $4,000


This painting was inspired by Julie D’ Aubigny also known by her stage name in the Paris Opera as La Maupin. She was born in 1670 to a wealthy aristocratic family. She was known as a cross-dresser, a bisexual, an opera singer, a fugitive and an expert swordswoman. “Beautiful, valiant, generous, and supremely unchaste.”
Julie had always wanted to be an opera singer and so eventually ended up on the stage in Paris as La Maupin. It was after the convent incident (where she rescued her lover and in the process set fire to the convent) when Julie was charged with kidnapping, body snatching and arson in her absence and sentenced to death. Although she was eventually pardoned for these offences, for a while she was a fugitive dressed as a man. At a tavern she encountered the Count d’Albert who offended her in some way, leading her to challenge him to a duel. She defeated the count and injured him, piercing his shoulder with her sword. However, the next day, she regretted her actions and went to see him. Before long, Julie and her former opponent were lovers and remained friends for the rest of her life.

I just loved this relatable moment where she wakes up and pieces together her previous night out.
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