Christopher Remmers

Christopher Remmers is a classically trained oil painter, educator, and entrepreneur. 
As an artist, Christopher has built a body of work that explores myth and story through nature, ceremony, and psychedelia. His large-scale narrative paintings aim to initiate an experience of awe and transcendence by connecting the viewer to deeper meaning and purpose via archetypal motifs and chiaroscuro compositions. His work is collected internationally and has been exhibited and sold through Sotheby’s and the Art Renewal Center’s Salon.

He guides individuals and groups into the wild utilizing a variety of nature-based modalities, exploring the fundamental axiom that our most authentic creative self is found via our relationship to nature. This work is informed by his lifelong practice of Vipassana Meditation, training rooted in Wild Mind and Soul Craft practices, and his deep connection to nature..
As an educator, Christopher has taught foundational skills in classical painting and drawing through the Georgetown Atelier in Seattle, Washington for the last 4 years. This has evolved into a mentorship offering for creatives of all backgrounds called Conscious Creativity and now works from his studio in downtown Bellingham

As an entrepreneur, he is co-founder and Creative Director of Evolving the Myth, an immersive art experience bridging the gap between deep meaning, our relationship to the wild, and large-scale narrative art.  


Awe is the gateway. A phrase that I have been attempting to live into for some time now, through my art and how I encourage other creatives to engage. Awe because that is where we are the most open to creating meaning in our lives and where the most significant transformation can occur in our view of the world and how we relate to it. 

What a strange thing it is to be pushing pigments of paint around on a canvas in this day and age whilst we sit on the back of a technological rocket aiming toward who knows. But there is something both fascinating and deeply fulfilling about the tradition of oil painting and craftsmanship as a vehicle for self-discovery. The tangible quality of pigments colliding with light and form gives a timeless and alive experience, a beautiful capture of an emotional quality transferred through incredibly simple tools.

My work is blending classical realism with mythological narratives to capture a moment of transcendence. Figures and symbols often dance in the liminal spaces between abstraction and the surreal. I aim to create representations of the divine much like the tarot and the titans of classical realist works found in cathedrals, temples, and sacred sites worldwide.

Exhibiting at the IX Art Show this year

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