Christopher Remmers

CHRISTOPHER REMMERS is a Northwest-based artist focused on classical realism and methodology. Born and raised in California, Christopher has been finding and refining his artistic expression since his early 20s and has been mostly self-taught. In 2014 Christopher began study with California-based artist Virgil Elliot, author of Traditional Oil Painting. With Elliot, he gained formal instruction in the traditional approaches of the classical realism movement. Currently Christopher is enrolled in a three year program at the Georgetown Atelier under the guidance of Instructor Tenaya Sims. There he is developing his foundational practices for composition and figurative work and moving toward larger narrative pieces. “My art aims to touch the timeless representations of the classical masters, to find a common thread of our humanity in the existential questions of life and the human condition. I’m exploring how to best speak to this through our stories of myth and spirtuality. Realism is when the artist translates universal beauty through his or her unfettered heart and mind. This to me is true creativity and when we speak about our nature and humanity from this place, we can truly be of service."

Selected Work:

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