Alchemy #1

Artist: Christopher Remmers
Size: 8x8 framed
Medium: Oil on panel
Price: $565


-The transmutation of base metals and ingredients into "noble metals" or the symbolic "gold" aimed to create an elixir of immortality.-

I have felt for some time that Art is in part taking up the role of the alchemist. By assembling a combination of visual symbols and colors we are opening pathways in our consciousness to enter a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. A phrase I have been deeply connected with for some time now is "Awe is the gateway". Beauty creates awe and awe is a transmutation in some sense of the mind. Alchemy #1, like some of my other works e.g. "The Weight of Light" offers an arrangement of symbols to meditate upon to open us to perhaps something more.

This piece is being offered at a special holiday discount - regular price $750, now $565 until January 1st, 2024.
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