Tooba Rezaei

TOOBA REZAEI is a contemporary fine artist and animation artist who has worked in Iran, Europe and the USA.   Born and raised in Iran, as a maturing adolescent, she discovered her distinct style and fondness for painting deeply personal subject matter. She began her journey towards becoming a professional artist through fine art training at Tehran University of Art , where she received her bachelor’s degree in painting and drawing. There, she began to develop her own style, which is influenced by the culture of her roots, Iran.Tooba’s constant search for her own path led her to Holland to get a Master’s degree in animation and media arts, establish her own company there and then work as a designer for a Dutch computer game company.  Still wishing to push her skills and work in an even more challenging environment, Tooba moved to the United States.  She has furthered her knowledge at Academy of Art in San Francisco and now continues to expand her knowledge, teaches, andworks as a Visual Development Artist in Los Angeles.   - See more at:

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