Lucio Parrillo

Lucio Parrillo is an illustrator and painter who for the past 15 years has worked for the most
reputable companies in the comics and games industry. His pencil illustrations for the American publisher ‘SQP’ are featured in the books ‘Vampire Girls’, ‘Coven 2’ and ‘Eternal Temptation’. He painted numerous covers, interior art and character designs for video games and role playing games such as ‘Forgotten Realms’,‘Eberron’, ‘Magic’ and ‘Hecatomb’.

During the past 10 years he has illustrated trading cards for ‘Magic theGathering’ and ‘Warcraft’ as well as executed interior illustrations for ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ books and a number of comic books for ‘Magic the Gathering’ (Jacevs Chandra).
Lucio has worked on comics for publishers in Germany, France, Italy, Sweden and USA, including artworks for The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Dead Pool, Death’s Head, The Siege, Thor and What if? He also produced an extensive number of cover art for Red Sonja, Vampirella, Warlord of Mars, The Expendables, Project Super Powers and Lord of the Jungle to name just a few.
His graphic novels work include ‘L’Empire Eternel’ and ‘One Shot’ (Soleil Productions), ‘SKP’ (Heavy Metal Magazine) and other works for Panini comics, Heavy Metal magazine, Soleil France, Vivendi Universal, Havas
Interactive, Sierra, Konami, Fantasy Productions, Dino Entertainment, Databecker, Clementoni and SQP (USA).
His most recent works include Dark Beauties, a limited edition portfolio of paintings, and his illustrations for the book Aurora, written by Barbara Baraldi, published by Pavesio.

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