Per Elof Nilsson Ricklund

Per Elof Nilsson Ricklund began his artistic journey at a young age in the northern part of Sweden. Coming from a family of painters his life was early on filled with art, the things that make us human, making things, believing in things and making them mean something.

Beauty, honesty, and truth, not denying what is felt. Being truly interested in the changes happening in life, ever sensitive to his surrounding.

Entertained by the freedom of choice, the possibility of changing one's mind, believing that this is where the magic and evolution happens.

Being a strong believer in that when we have forgotten everything, the last thing we will have is our first and fundamental impressions. And this is one of the cores he works from, his principles of childhood, how was it to perceive other people without the filters of being colored by so many influences. What was nature then, what was other people and their relations. 

"I chose to focus on what fundamentally makes the bigger picture of being alive. Without the barriers of language I invite people to see what I see, my belief is that what I felt will be felt. I making choices governed by my experiences, which highlights the importance of being present."

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