Daniel Segrove

The mixed media work of Daniel Segrove is impressive, to say the least. Even though this might be a contradictory statement, the work encapsulates an alluring ‘refined messiness’. The expressive marks have an emotive quality that is contrasted with serene, nonchalant figures posing in a nondescript space. The combination of these elements join together harmoniously to showcase an intimate connection between subject and viewer. The figures are stripped of detailed ornamentation and are simplified to basic line and shading (with some realism intact), sometimes overlapped with deliberate scribbles, or placed in a space reminiscent of a sketchbook page. Perspective, empathy, identity, consciousness and emotions (like frustration and ecstasy) are common themes presented. The work is typically ambiguous in nature, leaving the viewer with an open-ended narrative to be explored without the confines of preconceived notions.

A full-range of style and technique is displayed in Daniel’s work; abstraction, realism, and non-objectivity are all present throughout the body of paintings and works on paper.

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