David Wenzel

David T Wenzel is an illustrator and children’s book artist. He is best known for his visualization of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, illustrated in graphic novel format. The Hobbit, Graphic Novel is one of the most successful graphic format adaptations of a piece of classic literature. It has made its mark to a worldwide audience and has recently been updated with a new cover, larger format, and 32 new pages of artwork recreated by David.

Over his career David has worked for most of the major publishers and been able to work with a cast of talented authors. Always intrigued by mythology, fantasy and folk tales some of his favorite projects have been the ones that gave him the freedom to visualize creatures and characters from his imagination. Kingdom of the Dwarves, written by Robb Walsh, published by Centaur Books, allowed David to recreate an entire underground civilization based on the archeological dig at Aegol Barrow. The Wizard’s Tale, by Kurt Busiek, tells the tale of Evernight, a land ruled by a consortium of evil Wizards, who find one of their kind harbors a dangerous glimmer of good in him. For this book David created hundreds of tiny supernatural creatures called Alchemites. You may even see a few playing about on the web site. The Wizard’s Tale, was conceived to be a crossover book that blended the elements of a children’s book with the format and readability of a graphic novel.

Other notable works include Grosset and Dunlap’s Christmas bestseller Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, by Robert L. May, A Hat For Ivan, by Max Lucado and several books in the Little Bear series which were art directed by Maurice Sendak. David has left his artistic mark on a variety of non-book related projects including puzzles, greeting cards, and two entire miniature kingdoms of collectible figurines. Many may remember him from the days when he worked on The Avengers for Marvels Comics.

A variety of artists and influences have helped form the core of David’s artistic vision. Illustrators like Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, NC. Wyeth, and Howard Pyle top his list of influential artists. Pieter Bruegel and Jan Steen are among his favorite Dutch painters. Delving into history is one of David’s most profound passions. It not only inspires his artistic vision with its tales of adventure and indelible lessons, but it acts as a guide when creating fantasy. Fantasy becomes more credible when it connects to us through a familiar path.

David lives in Connecticut with his wife Janice, his studio overlooks a picturesque landscape of green farm fields and a winding brook. He has a very artistic family. His sons Brendan and Christopher are both artists and his brother Greg is a book writer and illustrator (Giant Dinosaurs of the Jurassic, and Feathered Dinosaurs ). Janice is a talented artist and a high school art teacher.

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