Ali Hammad

Ali Hammad, the second child of his parents, was born in at Quetta, Pakistan. Reared coincidently in a happy favorable circumstance where in his father (an English Professor) filled in with valuable and inspiring knowledge on art and literature. With the passage of time Ali’s appetite for drawing and painting whetted further. He ultimately was able to win a scholarship for the renowned National College of Arts, Lahore. He completed his graduation brilliantly in four years appended with “honor."

Ali from his childhood developed a penchant towards Old Masters. Art was something he loved the most. At college he explored different subjects like sculpture, drawing, art history design etc. A place where modern art was taught and practiced, Ali Hammad carried great interest for realism which went diametrically oppose to the existing vogue in drawing and painting . It was a challenging journey, he recalls, where he felt himself an anomaly. He graduated in 2006, magna cum laude and started his real journey in art. His aim has always been to explore the possibilities of paint, to make beautiful brushstrokes, to explore different tactile qualities and to seek the truth. The works of the masters like Rembrandt, Velasquez, and Ilya Repin have always fascinated him.

Constantly learning and getting better at how to paint like the masters with the delicate play of light and shade called Chiaroscuro remained his métier. He believes that learning is universal and making any kind of art without learning, is only limited. He has worked till now as an artist in United Arab Emirates, where teaching and studio practice keeps him busy. He has done many shows both in Pakistan and abroad. His still life’s which he usually terms “a quiet magic” as well as the figurative paintings both remain a strong passion with him. The renowned art collectors always look to him for his new pieces.


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