Boris Koller

Studies of Architecture 1987-1989 at the TU Wien, Vienna/Austria, Studies of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna/Austria, Postgraduate Studies of Painting and Printmaking 1994/95 at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm/Sweden.

Boris founded and developed a movement for Figurative Painting in Vienna, which culminated in large exhibitions in Vienna and Munich/Germany from 2000 - 2002. Boris Koller is Classical Composer for chamber- and orchestral music, with concerts at the Konzerthaus in Vienna and the Wiener Musikverein. He is also a well known player of the old form of the Nyckelharpa, an instrument especially used in Swedish folk music.

In 2006 he painted mummies from the age of Rokoko in a crypt in Vienna. Boris Koller won the “hausderkunst preis 2007“ (“Haus der Kunst Award 2007”, Munich, Germany) One of Kollers large compositions (about two to four meters/ 6 to 13 feet) is part of the permanent exhibition of the Natural History Museum in Vienna/Austria.

As landscape painter he is mostly specialized in the landscape of the remote island Senja in the north of Norway and scenes from Austrian National Parks. He lives at the moment in the Swedish countryside.



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