Martijn Caspar Swart

The nature of painting has long been dear to my heart and even though I painted naively in my youth I've continued ever since to strive like hell in order to achieve my highest possible level of skill in the craft of painting. The human figure is the most universal language, which can evoke incredible empathy and emotion for people at all corners of the globe. Therefore it was the most natural subject of interest and pursuit as I sought teachers and techniques. After years of study independently, I joined the Juliette Aristides Atelier for Classical Figurative Painting. Upon graduating I gained a strong concept of human anatomy, design, and a rich lineage of tradition. I then travelled to Sweden to explore Humanist philosophies, ideals of Kitsch, and the practice of painting sophisticated narrative masterpieces with Odd Nerdrum. Here I found the Ancient Greek ideal nudes which portray godliness as all of humanities greatest virtues. Admiring the strengths, capacity, and love of humanity rather than the common modern themes of exploiting and celebrating weakness and destruction. My work is the arduous result in progress towards the pinnacle of glory in painting.


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