Shaun Berke

Berke, Shaun (b. 1983) American painter, Venetian School by lineage; apprenticeship, Odd Nerdrum, Stavern, Norway; apprenticeship, Richard Houston, Venice, Italy; apprenticeship, David Luce, Pasadena, California; instructor, Art Center College of Design; B.F.A., Art Center College of Design; A.A., Moorpark College; member, Getty Research Institute; member, Portrait Society of America; lecturer, Williamsburg Oil Colors; awards: The Art Renewal Center, Westlake Village Art Guild, Thousand Oaks Art Association, The Gerd Koch Paris Grant, The Alpine Fellowship.

Painted with loose, deliberate brushstrokes, Shaun Berke’s women are intimate depictions of the collapse of an ideological system. His paintings and prints exhibit knowledge of classical iconography, which he molds to fit the requirements of his own experience; thus, his depictions of biblical scenes are informed by his knowledge of the specific text, his assimilation of classical composition, and contemporary re-cast of Christian dogma. […]

–M. Kennedy

[Berke’s] painting in the Three Winged Chrysalis show is heart stopping.

–H. Lien

Shaun Berke is delirious.

–L. Solomon

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